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… - Tu amor es demasiado denso -dijo, al tiempo que pensaba: esa bruja me está mirando, está encima de mi cabeza observándome a través del techo.
- ¿Demasiado denso? -repitió interrogadoramente Sethe, pensando en el claro, donde las órdenes de Baby Suggs arrancaban los castaños -. El amor es o no es. El amor poco denso no sirve para nada. …
"Beloved", Toni Morrison 

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Non era una donna fredda
nè una (e)stro(n)sa
ma solo triste,
stanca di far a botte con la vita.

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Cosí alcune donne …

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Love doesn’t grow; it breaks spines, it steals your money, it burns the soul, it drives people to MADNESS, GRIEF, SUICIDE. Love isn’t a dozen roses during your anniversary; it’s sharing stories with someone before sunrise and hoping you will steal a secret from them. Love will leave you crying, drunk and all alone for days while you go over every unselfish thing you’ve done in the name of love. Love won’t make you whole; it will annihilate every atom in your body that’s holding you against it.
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Love do it…